What Fuels My Travel Passion?

What fuels my travel passion is the burning desire to go places, but more importantly, to go to a place within me. As I discover a new land and explore a new culture, it opens up in my mind a new window to see the world.

Like the ocean waves touching the shoreline, I approach a new country to enrich its soil with my cultural imprints, and return transformed by this unique experience. As i cross the borders of India and enter a new country, I become a living bridge connecting the hearts and minds of the people of the two nations.

I enter as a guest in a new country, but leave with a sense of belongingness to that country, enthralled by the royal reception and with the intention to visit again. My experience resonates with the Indian spirit of ‘Atithi Devo Bhavah’ or ‘The Guest is God Itself’.

Every country I visit is like the canvas on which Mother Nature creates its masterpiece every day. In that country, i am inspired by the grandeur of monuments, sanctity of pilgrimages, preciousness of flora and fauna, aroma of delectable cuisine, richness of knowledge, and divinity in music.

Through the lens of curiosity, I find treasures in every step and capture them through the snapshots of memory. Not just sights, I savour the sounds, smells and tastes that are served on a platter of magnificence.

Thankfully, my visit makes a tiny but significant contribution to the host country. It creates jobs, earns foreign exchange, brings revenue to the government, and stimulates investment in new infrastructure. It makes it lucrative for rural inhabitants to stay back and not migrate to the cities. It also helps disaster-affected areas spring back on their feet.

Ultimately, the never-say-die human spirit is at the core of every travel adventure. The energy of the people I meet is unsurpassable in both simplicity as well as splendour. This is reflected in the ‘kampong’ spirit where people of diverse faiths and languages assimilate themselves into a huge melting pot of culture. This is also the crying call of the Indian philosophy of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ (The World is One Big Family).

As a storyteller, i want to narrate to the world my travel passion embodied in the eternal promise — “not all who wander are lost”.

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  1. Traveling is my passion,my Life partner feels it’s an addiction.
    I beg to differ..
    Would like to subscribe to your blog collections.

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