5 Mantras for a ‘Made in UWA’ Experience

1. Fantastic People and Where to Find Them

If you are not staying at one of the residential colleges at UWA, you are missing out on fun, feast and friendship big time. St George’s College is the closest you would come to living in one of the magical castles from the Harry Potter series.

2. Eat, Play and Love

Who would resist the temptation to take a romantic walk along the enchanting Swan River or indulge in their wild side with paddle boarding on it! Matilda Bay is the de facto home of BBQ; where else can you relish a lazy evening of delicious potluck with friends.

3. How Green was My Valley

You wouldn’t find a better place to become a NatGeo fan than the magnificent UWA campus. The lush and picturesque lawns, the gigantic and sprawling trees, and the amazing variety of birds and animals are sure to give you your daily dose of nature.

4. The Party Never Stops

No matter what special animal you are – a music maven, closet foodie, language fanatic, or gizmo geek, there is always a brainy seminar, fun meetup, orchestra night, networking sundowner, or dinner ball around the corner. Life here is a celebration of life itself.

5. To Sir and Madam, with Love

What do we say about the amazing professors at UWA, they are literally in a class of their own! To have your ideas challenged, your mind stretched, your vision expanded and your values validated by them makes your educational adventure truly worthwhile.

SOURCE: UWA Students

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